Saturday, 31 August 2013

Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - Letter O

Evening all,

hope you are all well?? Definitely an autumnal chill creeping into the air in the mornings and evenings now don't you think!! Thank goodness it's still lovely and sunny, just my kind of weather to be honest tee hee.

If you fancy joining in with this challenge please pop on over here for all the details. If you would like a peek at all the other O entries please pop on over here.

Anyhoo, the only O I fancied playing with, in line with my mythological theme, was ORACLE.  Ha ha ha being a major Matrix fan it was the first thing that sprang to mind anyways and also being a major Angel fan my word choice was sealed.  
In Greek mythology an oracle was a human being who channeled the words/voice/messages of the Gods for the masses to hear.  Many other mythologies have similar characters too with many different names!!
Modern interpretations generally see an Oracle as a person who imparts great knowledge and wisdom and also as a person who can predict the future maybe!!
Oracle cards are also very common - a fortune telling tool akin to Tarot cards. Some of the artwork on these card sets is stunning, many sets depicting angels, goddesses and fairies.  I have a fairy set purely because I fell in love with the artwork, Brian Froud (link to some examples of his art) designed them and they are sooooooooo beautiful.  

Here you go........

A bright painty stenciled background with pockets to house my Oracle cards.  The image is of the Oracle at Adelphi, courtesy of Google Images.

Products used - Decoart Americana acrylics, Tando and TCW stencils, Distress inks, flourish stamp from a free set with Simply Homemade magazine, clear embossing powder.

Ha ha ha ha ha I have to admit that the backs of my Oracle cards are not finished yet!! I had planned on finishing them this afternoon but I had some family turn up at short notice so sadly I ran out of time.  I have images from The Matrix trilogy, Angel and various Oracle card sets to collage on when I can find the time!! 

Many thanks for popping by and leaving a comment if you feel you would like to, as always your time and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Dawn x  


carolfromkiwiland said...

Great pages love the layering and repition of colours with different patterns. Can't wait to see it when the tags have their art oracles on the back. No

Corrine at said...

O adore the arrow shapes going up and down on the sides...Perfect for the oracle seeing in all directions and divining the wisdom of the universe. xox

Sandy said...

Why can't I think of anything this wonderful - I love it!! I have been to Delphi and loved every minute of it.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love how you are keeping with the mythological theme. You manage to do so well with this alphabet challenge. I love the background, and those cards are beautiful. I hope you'll show the finished tags when you make them.

Coco said...

Oh Dawn, this is really a great work, I miss words sometimes in English to describe all what I feel... But I really love all: From the mythological theme and your choice of Oracle to your lovely tags hidden in their pocket, passing by your use of masks and doddles.. Great fun and beautiful result ! (you should better not confess that you didn't finished your page, now you MUST show us the back sides when they will be finished haha !!!) Good week tomorrow, Coco xxx

BJ said...

Gorgeous pages as always and great having the oracle cards in the pockets. I guess "Z" will be easy for you, I have no idea what to do for mine - any suggestions? I have asked Karen but no reply as yet. Anyway, I'm having a small operation tomorrow, got butterflies in my tummy and tinnitus in my ears now, what am I like? BJ

Karen Gist said...

FABULOUS!!!! I love the colours and the choice of word! Yes...definitely need to see the finished cards now hahaha! BTW...I have been to Delphi too :D xxxx

Terrie Purkey said...

Totally delicious color combo and the stamps add a sweet finish. It's fun to watch someone stick to a challenge and see it through - your alphabet pages will be fun to look back on at the end of the year!

Julia S-W said...

Wow Dawn - this page has so much gorgeous colour, texture and meaning! Your post is so interesting and I feel you there just chatting away; wish I had that skill.
I clicked on your link to have a look at Froud's art work - they are my type of fairy (not usually keen!) and they could be used in some wonderfully dark art couldn't they? Thanks for sharing him and your lovely pages.I need to get back to my dictionary - it's been far too long.
Take care lovely lady, hugs, Julia xxxx

The Craft Barn said...

Amazing page as always
Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn

Gio said...

Back to ancient Greek, wow, Dawn!! Lovely pages, I 'm pretty sure you'll find the time to finish the cards, too.

Unfortunately Oracle is the brand of the(in)famous database I work with, every single day! ;-)