Monday, 28 May 2012

Altered Book - Lesson 7

Hi all,

ha ha, was thinking of missing this lesson to be honest and was going to jump back in with lesson 8 (lol - still working on that one) but some inspiration hit me when I was cutting some pictures out of travel brochures to add to my collage box.

I went with the flow and had such fun doing this page, I hope you like it........

I have sprayed, inked and doodled to my hearts content and got very messy, what a blast!

Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover asked us to concentrate on Line, Form, Shape, Space and Texture, I think I have covered them as follows -

Line - lots of them all over the page, particularly radiating off Liberty's crown, the skylines are of the places in America that I would most like to visit, particularly San Francisco and the Empire State Building, ooh and Liberty herself of course.
Form - hoping I have covered this by layering up pictures of the statue?
Shape - there are many shapes through the layout.
Space - I have left lots of space around the main focal point, but I couldn't help but doodle in it a bit!!
Texture - I think there is an implication of texture in the background where I have inked through some sequin waste?

Chuckle, there was a serendipitous moment too when I realised the scrap of dictionary page I had pasted on in the top left hand corner held the definition of a DOLLAR!! I just had to doodle round that some more tee hee.

Thanks for popping in,

Hugs x x x x


Karen said...

ooooooooooooo thats a FANTASTIC page sweetie! I can see why you had so much fun with it hahahaha! Lovely colours too xxx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That is just amazing! The lines radiating off Libery's crown draw your eye out, and the skyline silhouette serves as a stopper--this is just beautiful!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I agree with Debbie's evaluation. She did a good job of analyzing this spread, too.

I always thought the design ELEMENTS were far easier to understand and represent than the design principles. I'm glad the inspiration hit because this is one super and incredible spread.

I visited the Statue of Liberty right after she reopened from her renovation. It was a madhouse and zoo. We were herded like cattle and after spending nearly three hours getting to the top, we were forced to move quickly on. I hope if you get to go, it is a far less busy day.

I truly loved your page and agree that you covered all the essentials form Lesson 7. And of course, I like how inspired you became and how much fun I can tell you had making this "homework."

sandee said...

I LOVE this page, espicially the sun ray effect you created and the distressed edging on the right hand side of the page, this is just awesome! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

BJ said...

WOW your page is brilliant, love how the features radiate out from the points on the headdress. BJ

elle said...

oh, yes. You have done an excellent job on this page. Beautiful!

Terrie Purkey said...

I visited your page before and thought I left a comment, but apparently not.... sorry about that because I really like it. You used the lines of places to visit very cleverly and it really adds to the overall composition! Lots of yummy layers there to entice further looking.....thanks so much for the visit & nice coments - and, of course, you can use any of my quotes whenever....I collect them like a mad woman, just so I can share them!

Helen said...

This is just great! I have ground to a halt with mine, not sure why...

paulaexuk said...

Fantastic spread covering all the points of lesson 7. I love the choice of colours and the depth you have given it by putting Liberty prominently in the foreground.

Gez said...

AMAZING page Dawn ♥♥

Just love her eyelashes!! and the skyline on the side of the page looks brilliant! Glad you had fun, it shows!!

Have a great weekend, sending you all hugs and cuddles.. Gez xx