Thursday, 10 May 2012

Altered Book Lover Lesson 6

Hi all, hope you are all well?

Here are my pages for lesson 6 of Elizabeth's fab workshop, if you fancy taking a peek at what we are all doing please visit Altered Book Lover.  I'm late on parade again but got there eventually ha ha!

I have used a variety of stamps from my stash, lots of chalk mists, distress inks, acrylics, decorative tape, magazine images, napkins, and some die-cut letters.
I am using this as a techniques book so I have also attached dictionary definitions where needed for easy reference later on.


The one coloured bird is dominant over the uncoloured ones.


The use of the pattern stamp reflects rhythm.


The change in directions and lines reflect contrast I hope?


The pointing hand and die-cut letters are supposed to reflect movement, as in the words rolling down the hill.   This didn't turn out as I saw it in my head ha ha but I think it just about covers it!!


Ha ha ha, I couldn't help myself here!! I tried all sorts of different layouts with the lips but I kept coming back to the one that looked like a face.  Hopefully this covers repetition by using a variety of lip images and lots of doodling round the border using the word repetition lol.

Thank-you so much for popping by, take it easy folks.


BJ said...

Great pages, you have certainly covered allthe elements there. BJ

BJ said...

Thanks for your comments on my pages too. Must admit the April Showers is one of my favourites too. It was inspired by a SWAP card I made a few years ago on the UKPC craft group. Thanks BJ

elle said...

The contrast example may be a bit weak but the rest are just great!

Karen said...

These pages are lovely Dawn! YOu certainly have some good ideas my lovely xxx

paulaexuk said...

Great pages Dawn. I love the humour in your "lips" page. I still think that your design principle spread is my favourite. I love the colour and and flow of the pages, my eye is taken all over the place.

Sherry said...

Lovely pages Dawnie, they made me smile too - must be all those mouths - lol. Love the tumbling 'movement' down the hill too, I think that works so well.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my pages too xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm SO much later than you will ever be and I'm trying desperately to catch up before it's time to show our next assignment.

I got a BIG kick out of "movement." It was great and really DID support the concept. And that ONE bird that was so different was definitely dominant.

I have a "thing" for seeing the book page behind or beneath the actual design, and your "pattern" really shows that. I also like the color you used on the page, as well as the one with the birds.

Of course, for the laugh of the day, "repetition" had to be my favorite. It is too funny and I'm still enjoying how you put the page together and how your mind works!!

sandee said...

I agree with Elizabeth, repeating the word repetition definitely show repetition! lol I also could see the words movement moving down the hill! The lips are a hoot! great pages! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Gez said...

OooOH! Beautiful pages Dawn.. you are GOOD at this.. hope you have a lovely weekend

Susan said...

Really love your rhythm page!! That one's my favorite!