Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Altered Book - Lesson 12

Evening all,

wow, sunshine at last woohoo, so good for the soul hey!!

Elizabeth our Altered Book Lover set a fab challenge with this lesson - Folded Pages. If you fancy a peek at her amazing tutorial please pop on over here.

I had an incredible amount of fun with this lesson and I hope it shows! Back to my favourite bright and vivid colours again ha ha.

I started with a base of acrylic paint on the pages to either side of my folded pages, this was gleefully smooshed on with my fingers. The folded pages in between have been covered in various patterned papers from my stash and lots of torn elements from a fab matt papered fruit and veg catalogue have been collaged on top. Eyelets have been put in and fibers attached for decoration. Torn elements from the catalogue have also been used to create a border on my background pages.
The folded pages vary in size and some have pockets - LOL couldn't explain how I did some of them if I tried but they worked out quite well I think!!
To unify the whole spread I have used the same doodle across the background pages and all the folded pages, the sentiment is my own albeit adapted from a well known one I think ha ha!!
I made some small tags to go in the pockets using some old luggage tags that were lurking in a drawer and which were just the right size. These were prepped using distress inks and some vintage seed packet images were attached along, I then doodled and stamped to finish. The tags had their own grey strings already but I decided to colour these with my fave distress ink to match.
Tee hee, please note the final collage on the last folded page - I have had a problem with ants raiding through my front door this summer, artistic revenge was sweet to say the least!!

Well, think its time you had some pics now!! Here you go.........

Thank-you so much for popping by,

Big hugs from a lovely sunny Cornwall x


Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! You know how much I love these!!! I had great fun just flipping them over & back! I love all the colour and even the pesky ants section hahaha xxx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

These folded pages are beyond beautiful! I like how you varied the size & the bright colors are so appealing. How you chose to store the tags is so cool! You did a fantastic job!

Gez said...

AMAZING pages Dawn! Oh, Karen is so lucky having a touchy feel! You are so clever Dawn. Thank you for sharing them with us.xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This has got to be the most CREATIVE folded pockets I have ever, ever seen. And the way you tied them all together, cut them, and arranged them was BRILLIANT. I am MORE THAN impressed. You put the teacher to shame (grin).

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to add, I like how you framed the images on your tags. I hope you will use these tags in your wrap up post, to represent both frames and magazine images. These tags AND the pockets are perfect examples that you you can use anything from magazines and junk mail! BTW, where did you find that slug? Too, too funny!

paulaexuk said...

Beautiful spread of fruit and veg. I love the asymmetrical folded pockets.

BJ said...

Just spotted this post on folded pages and it is absolutely FAB. All the different shapes and sizes make you feel like you are really at a fruit and veg market, wandering amongst all the stalls. The colours are so vibrant too, love it all. BJ