Monday, 27 August 2012

Journal Page.........

Hi Everyone,

hope you are all OK? Ha ha, nice to have a respite from the muggy heat we were having but I'm not liking the rain and wind much!! Nasty weather here always seems to mess up my internet connection too!!

Anyhoo, here is my latest play in my journal, what fun it was to do too.........

Tee hee, this page had started out as a right old mess of random splodges from ink pads and lots of quirky doodled characters that really didn't make any sense to me at all so I covered the lot with some acrylic paints and added a sprayed and ripped book-page border.  I have to admit to leaving it at that for quite a while as my MOJO had well and truly deserted me by then!!
Dylusions 'Ruby Rainbow' came to my rescue thank goodness and sparked my imagination again! Ha ha, lots of doodling and a little story later and 'voila'!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and leaving a comment if you feel you would like to.

Big hugs x x x x


Karen said...

Major WOW!!!!!!!! Truly fabulous journal page my lovely!!!!

er...can I borrow Ruby's umbrella???? HUGS xxx

Gini said...

Well now everybody is going to be after one of those magic umbrella hats, they'll sell out over and over again. Wearing one will keep people out of our personal space too! There will be mutinees on the London Underground at rush hour though everyone will have to wear them in the down position! (not that I care up in Shropshire - ha!)
Do you think it will still have it's magic powers if the brolly is in the down position??
From out of the ashes comes the phoenix and this is just what happened with your wonderful journal page Dawn :-)
It's a good reminder to never give up on a project, especially when you have a pot of white gesso in your stash!

BJ said...

We don't need the umbrella's here yet! Good job as DS is at Scout Camp for the WEEK! Super page, bright and cheery to chase all the blues away, your doodling is always brilliant. BJ

Traceyr said...

Great journal page Dawn - I love the doodling around the edges and of course the story. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I really like your journal page! Ruby Rainbow looks so chic in her raincoat and umbrella hat. Love the way you did the lettering and border!
Sometimes, taking a step away from a project really helps!

Julia S-W said...

Fantastic page Dawn!! Love the bright colours and the use of the white pen!! I've only just started using one properly and they are such fun!
I finally found your blog and I've joined now so I can visit again. The chat on our craft site is good but I love to blog and can visit here and see your art much more easily!
Lovely to meet you on your blog.