Saturday, 8 September 2012

Altered Book - Lessons 13 + 15

Hi everyone,

what a fab day its been today, glorious sunshine and stunning blue skies. I hope the weather has been as kind to you all wherever you are?

The lovely Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover asked us to come up with some windows and doors and also decorative page edges for our last 2 lessons. If you would like to see the wonderful tutorials for these lessons please hop on over here and here.

Due to some personal issues and time being limited I decided to combine the 2 lessons for 1 spread, lol other than the fact that I ended up with a big gap between starting my spread and finishing it!! In all honesty I am not feeling the love with this one and I think it was very much due to losing impetus half-way through, hey ho, you live and learn and I've definitely learnt something about myself so there is always a positive that can come out of a negative!!

Anyhoo, here you go............

I wanted a spread that initially hid the focal point, just showing a peep through the window, not sure it entirely works as I had in mind but I think it still conveys my original idea. I have always associated India with some of the most amazing colours you can find, i.e. the spices, paints and silks as shown above.
The decorative edge feels like a bit of a kop out to be honest but I think it looks ok, not brilliant by anymeans, but ok ha ha ha!! I'm soooooo glad I saved the ties for the candy canes from last christmas - I knew they would be useful for something!! Tee hee, got a bit heavy handed with one of the eyelets but managed to fix it with some of my trusty electrical tape.

Many thanks for popping by and leaving a comment if you feel you would like to.

Big hugs x x x x


Traceyr said...

The colours do sing off the page Dawn I think you have achieved your goal. Love the little glimpse of Taj through the diamond window. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I really like your page and especially how you drew the gold details around the tiger. The window frames both pages wonderfully.

BJ said...

Dawn, don't know what bit you aren't quite pleased with but I love it ALL. I was so taken by the tiger yawning that I didn't realise what the glimpse through the diamond window was until the page was turned and voila the Taj Mahal surrounded by all the wonderful colours of India. I also love how the window then frames the yawn. It is super Dawn, well actually FANTASTIC. BJ

Karen said...

VRY cleverly designed pages my lovely! Love the colours and that you used the Taj Mahal...always an inspirational building xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I know you seemed less than thrilled with this lesson (windows), but I personally believe your spread was MUCH BETTER than anything I could make (or made for that matter). It was most impressive the way you managed to center both images within that window. I would not have tried that, I don't believe. You did an excellent job.

Your decorative edge is NOT a cop-out. It is great. It showed initiative and forethought, things I try to teach, along with techniques. This is a really nicely done decorative edge and fits in beautifully with the design. Good for you.

Sorry I'm late visiting. I've had some real computer issues lately.

elle said...

You have captured India wonderfully. The window is great and the eyelets are so very cool!